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We are excited that you are here! Please enroll for the upcoming school year by:

  1. First complete your Enrollment Payment. This rate is the same for all incoming students, and includes printing your new SPHS Workbook, which is updated annually.
  2. Next complete your Tuition Payment. The discounted tuition rate of $800/year can be found under your desired school year, and may be paid in a one-time payment or monthly payment plan.


  • All students are required to complete their ENROLLMENT/APPLICATION payment, including SPHS Graduate Auditors (This fee includes printing your new SPSH Workbook, which is updated annually).

  • All ENROLLMENT/APPLICATION payments are required prior to tuition payments.

  • Please be sure to double-check your selected product prior to purchasing.

  • Further information regarding necessary forms, paying tuition, etc. will be found in your online library following your purchase.)